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Vision & Mission

Our Vision for a New Society

St. Joseph’s Boys’ Higher Secondary School envisages a new society based on brotherhood, social Justice and dignity of the downtrodden, which would be possible on earth only by future citizens of India. This in turn presupposes the presence of potential and committed teachers, who would form and mould the little ones of our country. Thus the vision of our school is expressed in the following way: 

 Our School aims at the integral formation of students and teachers and the promotion of educational research at the service of our youth for the establishment of a just and humane society.


Our Mission

  • To impart a sound formation in all levels such as academic, social, physical, emotional and   religious.
  • To cultivate more self- confidence.
  • To help them to develop their potential and enhance their self-image.
  • To mould and motivate the students and teachers towards vision of excellence.
  • To strengthen their ability in communicating their views effectively.
  • To equip the students with thorough theoretical input and provide them practical training. 
  • To develop soft skills among students.
  • To acquire and imbibe the values of leadership quality through various club activities.
  •  To make the students understand and to experience the reality of downtrodden.
  •  To impart the value of brotherhood, social justice and dignity of labour.
  •  To produce a band of motivated and committed students and teachers.