The St. Joseph's Boys' Higher Secondary School, Kozhikode is one of the oldest educational institutions in India.

Run by the Society of Jesus the school was started way back in 1793. The Jesuit educators have as their aim the pupil's complete development. The school strives to make the students "agents of social change " or " men for others" so that...

Jesuit Education

Jesuit Education

Find Jesuit education institutions around the world? Get statements by Father General and key documents about Jesuit education?...

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WUJA – the World Union of Jesuit Alumni – brings together former pupils or students of Jesuit schools and universities...

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One platform for all the students and teachers in the history of St. Joseph's Boys' Higher Secondary School, Kozhikode...

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Our Vision

A new society based on brotherhood, social equality and dignity of all created by fully formed students.

Our Mission

We aim at providing a sound formation for the students in an urban context who would bloom in all aspects such as social, physical, emotional and religious.


St. Joseph's Boys' HSS
Silk Street, Calicut, Kerala, India, 673 032
Phone (Office): 0495 2366106
Phone (Principal): 9446733978
Phone (Headmaster): 9496134765